The Best Zombie Commercials From Around the World!

The Best Zombie Commercials From Around the World!

by | Apr 5, 2017

our obsession with the undead is more than just a cultural fad. Some of the earliest known records of Zombies date way back to 17th century Haiti. It was George A. Romero’s 1968 horror ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ that gave birth to the modern zombie. Though it was 10 years later, with ‘Dawn of the Dead‘, that the term Zombie was imprinted on Romero’s “ghouls.”. Modern day film and TV are continuing the Zombie trend, with films such as ‘The Girl with all the Gifts‘ and the TV smash hit ‘The Walking Dead‘, proof of the undeads unflagging popularity. Even commercials are dipping their toes into this horror phenomena, with advertisers the world over exploring the power of Zombie endorsements. I have searched the web to to bring you some of the best zombies adverts the world has to offer, With Zombies selling everything from tasty breakfasts to fast cars. They may be rotting, flesh hungry, beast but ‘oh boy’ can they sell sporting goods.

Razer Nabu – 5 Rules of Zombie Survival

We start our list with a set of rules, laid out by US gaming company Razer, who’s new wearable technology is perfect for the zombie invasion. Clearly inspired by the comedy horror flick ‘Zombie Land‘, the humorous list is complete with plenty of gore and bad puns.

Axe – Hot Girl vs Zombie

After all that running around, you’ll probably need some deodorant, and popular men’s brand Axe (Lynx in Europe) have just the thing for the undead horde. It simply would not be an Axe commercial if the scantily clad hot girl does end up with the hot guy, and if by hot guy we mean rotting zombie, you’ve got your ad right here. All it takes is quick spray to turn her worst nightmare into her perfect date.

McDonald’s – Breakfast Wrap

Not even a wholesome family brand of McDonald’s can resist the commercial appeal of the undead, as this Singapore advert shows. A good breakfast in side his belly is all that stands between this dishevelled chap and un-death.

XXL Sports – Zombies

Zombies are not as popular in every country, as this Norwegian add proves. This advert from a Sporting goods store called XXL found it’s commercial banned from the airway.  Apparently, this type of thing is just not acceptable on Norwegian TV, when the advert depicted a town under attack from horde of the undead.  The highly resourceful townsfolk take to the streets with soccer balls, hockey stick and fishing rods to fight back against the zombie horde.

Sprint – Unlimited, My Way Zombie

Taking us to a more zombie friendly part of the world, is this US commercial for Sprint Unlimited. Offering free mobile text and data for life, the advert clearly shows that these deals can be quite a conundrum for someone who can’t die.

Nokia – Lumia 925

Sticking with the phone theme, we look at an ad for phone giant Nokia, who’s advert for the Lumia 925 takes a more aggressive stab at the zombie ad. Hitting out a rival Apple, the ad depicts iPhone users as pale, red-eyed zombies, stumbling through the streets.

Isaacs & Isaacs – Call The Hammer

Even Personal Injury Lawyers are getting in on the act, with this Kentucky based company using zombies to represent their competition. The chap in the Indiana jones styled clothing is called “The Hammer” and he’s clearly the zombie slaying hero we have all been waiting for.

H&R Block –  Zombie

Going behind the scenes is this commercial for Tax company H&R Block, which sees actor Jon Hamm taking five with a zombie extra. Even zombies like Tax refunds.

Audi – Mechanics

If there is one industry that fits the zombie theme, it’s the automobile industry, as these series of next ads prove. First up is this Audi commercial from Germany which portray mechanics as a herd of fast moving zombies. The last few scenes are something straight out of a horror film.

Ford – Ford Explorer – Zombies

Over to Spain now, with this Ford commercial, highlighting the importance of its remote ignition system.

Glatt Stove – Wherever you are

A more poignant commercial here from Mexico which stresses the importance of being prepared. “Wherever you are” is a commercial from Glatt Stove whose message is clear, tinned food is better warmed!

giffgaff – Don’t be scared 

We will leave you now with this commercial from the UK, which says never judge a book by its cover. Mobile company giffgaff invades a quiet little rural community with zombies, but not everything is as it first seems. Good Night!

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Zombies don’t care about fast cars and mobile phones, they enjoy country walks and tasty brains.

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