Tele-Ports - From Film To TV - 2015


It would appear that the latest media trend of turning films into TV series is not slowing down, with this weeks announcement that Wes Cravens “The People Under the Stairs” and the Sci Fi comedy “Galaxy Quest” are both being developed into shows. With series such as Bates Motel and Hannibal both now entering into their thirds series, it would seems that there is no let up to this new obsession and the list of potential shows gets longer and weirder each week. CBS, Fox, HBO and many others are all jumping on the bandwagon in hopes to pull in those magical viewing figures, but with shows based on films such as BIG, the Tom Hanks comedy classic, we are left wondering if there’s really anything else to explore beyond the films story?
Hit or miss, the list keeps growing, so check out our TELE-PORTS special!

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