Movie Poster Cliches - Big Eyes

Movie Poster Cliches – Big Eyes

by | Feb 23, 2016

If something works, don’t fix it. This is the Hollywood mantra. If there is one industry that loves to repetition, it’s the film industry. Once they find a formula that works, they will milk that sucka drier than a dessert. This is not just the case with the films themselves, but also the marketing. Movie posters seem to fall into a handful of categories these days, and if your not Teal and Orange, you’ll probably have big text over your face or standing heroically in a city of destruction. In horror, a popular trend is the one big eye. Nothing fancy, just a close up of a HUGE friggin eyeball, or a single eye poking out at you in a sinister manner. It’s simply, creepy and effective..and we have collected them all together for your viewing dis-pleasure!

Did we miss any? We appreciate your candor, Let us know in the comments below. EYE’ll see you soon horror Fans!

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