Akira is the godfather of modern Anime, launching Japanese animation world wide. With it’s neo-japanese setting and cyberpunk cast, it was a mix of action and weirdness that we had never seen before. Sure the story did not make sense, but it was fun to watch and had lots of explosions! A film version of this has been in development now for years and years. Every few years, we start to hear new rumours.

In 2008, there were stories that Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt had been cast in an adaptation of the film, after concept artists pictured them in development artwork.
In 2011, rumours of a americanised version of the story, using post september 11th vibes, set in New York and with an all white cast, hit the interweb. It was a rumour that original Star Treker George Takei took very seriously and spoke out against.

The latest rumour, according to Den of Geeks, is that Warner Bros. is planning a trilogy , with Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan at the helm. At this stage, id take the news with a pinch of salt, but it’s still interesting to hear the Warner Bros. are trying to get the project up and running! The original film was only based on the first half of the comic book series, which was still being made when the film hit in 1988. So a trilogy could possible be looking at the entire comic series as a basis for the films.

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