10 Characters that ALMOST made it out ALIVE!

10 Characters that ALMOST made it out ALIVE!

10 Characters that ALMOST made it out ALIVE!

The “Last Girl” is such a huge part of horror history that we still embrace it to this day. But what about the ones that almost got away? I’m talking about those characters that got so close to safety they could smell the coffee brewing through the door. That is what we are looking at today, those poor souls that were seconds from safety, but got plucked from this mortal coil. Or even those folks that manged to make it right up until the closing credits. Yep those unlucky few are who we are focusing on, in a little article, I like to call, 10 Characters that ALMOST made it out ALIVE

The Evil (1978) – Quicksand

Just because your out, does not mean your safe. A lesson grad student named Raymond Learns when he manages to escape from the possessed house in quirky suspense horror film The Evil. Rather than jumping in his car and heading for the hills, Raymond celebrates his escape way too early, and the ground literally swallows him up like quicksand. The poor guy is buried alive, just meters away from the safety of his car.

Demons – Stop the Movie!

University student Cheryl (Natasha Hovey) gets more than she bargains for, when she attends a free film screening at a mysterious theatre. When the patrons start turning into demons, Cheryl teams up with new bae George, who helps her to escape the blood bath within. Jumping into a vehicle, the two drive off into the night, as the city around them falls to the growing infection of the demons. The credits crawl, the music swells and then… yep… Cheryl’s a friggin’ Demon!

The Beyond (1981) – Face the Sea of Darkness!

When you discover one of the Seven Doors of Death, it’s usually polite that you don’t open it! Or otherwise doom humanity to an eternal damnation in the afterlife. However, in Louisiana’s aptly named Seven Doors Hotel, Liza Merrill’s (Katherine MacColl) renovation work activates the hell portal, and unleashes a swarm of zombies. With the help of Dr. John McCabe, the couple manage to fight of the zombies and escape the encroaching dead by heading down into a hospital basement. John and Liza rush down a set of stairs but find themselves back in the basement of the hotel, which is now a supernatural wasteland. No matter which way the run, they find themselves back where they start. With no way of escape, they let the darkness take them.

The Evil Dead (1981) – Join Us

Having spent the night dismembered his girlfriend and chopping up his pals, Ashley “Ash” Williams (Bruce Campbell), celebrates his victory over The Evil Dead, wandering into the safety of the bright morning sunshine. But the nightmare is not over for our chisel jawed hero, as the ‘Evil’ suddenly burst through the cabin doors and slams into him, leaving us with his blood curdling scream!

The Decent (2005) – The Cake is a Lie!

Sarah’s (Shauna Macdonald) spelunking weekend is totally ruined when her group discover a community of sub-human creatures deep inside the uncharted cave formations. Having no access to a KFC or Burger King, the indigenous underground species had evolved a taste for raw flesh, and the wandering woman look just like a walking buffet. Sarah manages to avoid becoming a human Happy Meal, but falls down a hole and knocks herself unconscious, She wakes to see sunlight beaming through an exit in the rock wall.

Climbing her way out of the dark cave system, Sarah jumps into her car and speeds off crying hysterically into the steering wheel. But wait…there’s more. Sarah suddenly wakes up, still stuck in the cave, revealing she had dreamed her entire escape. With the creatures closing in on her, and with no way out, Sarah sees a vision of her daughter sitting in front of a birthday cake.  Yep, if you’re gonna go…..go with cake!

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Don’t Dream It

Teenager Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) thinks she beaten the badly burned man that has been haunting her dreams!  The dream demons has already killed off her friends and family, and now he’s after her. But smart Nancy discovers his name and takes away the power that she has given to the child killing Freddy Kruger. Without any fear, Kruger disappears and Nancy steps out into the brightly lit morning, with her friends and family alive. But like any great story with an ounce of taste, the whole thing is a dream! Or still a dream? We are not quite sure! Either way, Freddy nabs Nancy’s mum, dragging her through the small door window, as Nancy is sent off down the street screaming, trapped inside a car!

Candyman (1992) – Reflecting

Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is a sceptical grad student researching the monster’s myth of the Candyman (Tony Todd). However, her disbelief awakens the hook handed spirit and he frames Helen with a series of bloody murders. Sacrificing her own life to save a baby, Helen succeeds in beating the Candyman, but dies of terrible burns.

Her cheating husband, who is still a little freaked by the murders, but misses her dearly, calls out to Helen through a bathroom mirror. Having taken some of the power of the Candyman, Helen appears to her wayward lover, and splits him from groin to gullet! Cheaters gonna cheat, but groiners gona groin!

Phantasm (1979) – Smashing

When residents of a small town start dying under strange circumstances,  young Mike Pearson (Michael Baldwin) starts to investigate, which lead him to the mysterious Tall Man (Angus Scrimm). The films bizarre, fever dream story leads to Mike escaping the clutches of the Tall Man, only to wake up, confused and unnerved. The entire experience had been a strange dream he had created to cope with the death of his parents and brother. Reluctantly heading upstairs to gather some clothes for a trip, Mike spots the Tall Man in his room, just before hands smash through a mirror and drag him into darkness. It wasn’t a dream after all!

Jeepers Creepers (2001) – Carried Away

Curiosity gets the cat when Trish Jenner (Gina Philips) and her brother Darry (Justin Long) spot a mysterious figure dumping a body down a pipe. Their investigation puts the “Creeper” hard on their tails, as the creature hunts the two scared siblings. However, even the safety of a police station can not stop the creature from claiming his prize, Darry! With the creature cornered by police, Trish tries to reason with the Creeper, but it’s to no avail. Despite all their efforts to stay ahead of the monster, the Creeper unfolds a huge set of wings, and carries Darry off into the night!  

Pitch Black (2000) – I’d Die for Them!

When the passenger transport ship Hunter-Gratzner is hit by a rogue comet, Docking pilot Carolyn Fry (Radha Mitchell) gets a little flustered and attempt to save herself by jettisoning all of the passengers.  Luckily for the folks deep in Cryosleep, the navigator stops her before he dies when the ships crashes on a near by planet.  The survivors are unaware of Fry’s actions, praising her for saving them.

The surviving passengers are a rag tag group, but manage to find a common ground, when faced with the native population of flesh eating underground Bioraptors. These beasties love a bit of flesh, but hate the light. So, a pending solar eclipse looks pretty bad for the survivors, who head for a ship left by an “abandoned” geological research settlement. Fry, who’s still haunted by her near mass murder attempt, gets an opportunity to leave the survivors behind. To redeem her humanity, she flies out into the now settled darkness and saves the last two survivors. With the passengers safe, and freedom just meters away, she takes her eyes off the prize and is speared by one of the Bioraptors, which whisks her away into the night for a romantic meal for two! Or Three? It really depends on how many bits Fry ends up in!

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