Kick Ass Female Vampires

Kick Ass Female Vampires

by | Jul 8, 2016

There’s no denying the sexual magnetism that surrounds Christopher Lee or the brides that he bares in Dracula, and whilst he was the first, he certainly was not the last to turn heads as they walked into the room. But it fell onto the women of the big screen to really turn on the sex appeal, with larger than life performances and little to no clothing between them and their poor victims. For years sex and vampires have gone hand in hand, but an underlying and often un-talked about side to vampires, is their ability to kick ass and look good doing it. Yes we are looking at bunch of scantily clad or leather bound women, but these girls really know how to pack a punch, twist your mind and drain you of all that precious blood. beware of these blood suckers, they are Kick Ass Female Vampires!


May – Life Force

Kick Ass Vampires - May - LifeForce

May is one of the last surviving members of her race that consume the life force of living beings. Despite for her lack of attire, May manages to over power security and army personnel alike, and leads investigators on a wild goose chase whilst London rips itself apart in the wake of a vampiric plague. May and her companions use the lifeforce drained to resurrect their dying race. She is bold, beautiful and dangerous.


Marie – innocent Blood

Kick Ass Vampires - Marie - innocent Blood

Marie is vampire with a strong moral compass. Saddened by her dark gift, she only feeds off of the criminal elements of society. When her latest victim escapes before she can prevent him from turning. She has to turn hunter in order to prevent an out break of criminal Vampires.


Katrina – Vamp

Kick Ass Vampires - Katrina - Vamp

Queen Katrina is a surreal artistic stripper and head Vampire of her brood of blood suckers. Working out of the After Dark Club, she rules with an iron fist and has insatiable appetite for blood. She is cruel, blood thirsty and without remorse, feeding herself and her fellow vampires on the patrons of the club. With almost the entire town turned into the undead, the After Dark Club is the last resort of attracting potential meals into their grasp.


Regine – Fright Night Part 2 (1988)

Kick Ass Vampires - Regine - Fright Night Part 2 (1988)

Regine is a dark a performance artist with a twist, she a real life Vampire, and all those great special effects (the fangs, the fog and eyes) are actually real. Haunted by her brothers death at the hands of Charlie Brewster and TV celebrity Peter Vincent, she undertakes a brutal assault on the minds of the two would be vampire killers. Rather than going in all guns blazing, Regine uses her intelligence and cunning to outwit her two nemesis, destroying Peter Vincent’s TV career and slowly transforming Charly into a vampire. It’s a rare case of brains and beauty.


Akasha – Queen of the Damned

Kick Ass Vampires - Akasha - The Queen of the Damned

Akasha is a character from Anne Rice and the vampire chronicles. Progenitor of all vampires and called Queen of the Damned, she is portrayed as a power hungry, seductress with a fierce temperament. An evil spirit named Amel was able to enter the body of Akasha and fused with her flesh, turning her into an immortal blood drinker. The more Vampires she created the less she needed to feed, eventually turning to stone. Released thousands of years later from her stone tomb,  Akasha has a taste for blood and she’ll kill anyone, vampire or human, to get at her precious sanguine fluid.  Her actions are almost always based on her need to fill her own inner emptiness making her the worst type of monster.In the film adaption, Akasha was played by the late Aaliyah, and the film was  dedicated to her, releasing six months after Aaliyah’s death.


Saline – Underworld

Kick Ass Vampires - Saline - Underworld

Selene is a Vampire Death Dealer, created by an elder vampire named Viktor after he had slaughtered her family. Engaged with a war with the Lycans, Selene is the vampires front line of defence against the werewolf threat. She has dedicated herself to the extermination of Lycans since she first became a Vampire and she wonders what will become of her when the war is won. Saline is a trained killer, and is as deadly with edged weapons as she is with guns. Dressed in black and highly athletic, she’s a lethal force to be reckoned with and kicks ass against humans, werewolves and rogue vampires alike.


Santanico – Dusk Til Dawn

Kick Ass Vampires - Santanico - Dusk Til Dawn

Santanico Pandemonium is the Queen Vampire of the “Titty Twister”, a strip club in the middle of a desolate part of Mexico. Born as Esmeralda, a half human, half Vampire hybrid, she is the daughter of the Hangman and the High Priestess Vampire, Quixtla. Her father tried to kill her on a number of occasions, but he discovered that her vampire half was much stronger than her mortal. After being re-united with her mother, Quixtla transforms Esmeralda into the vampire princess Santanico Pandemonium. When her mother dies at the hands of the Hangman, Santanico becomes the new Queen. Despite her beautiful looks and seductive ways, she’s as strong and blood thirsty as they come and leads her pack on a savage and gore ridden feast of human flesh, feasting on the lonely and lustful clientele of the club.


Not the vamps your looking for? Let us know who would have made your list in the comments below.

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